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Okay sooooo it’s been 1 day of wwoofing at this farm and we don’t really like it here :(

First of all our host is 80 years old and she lives with her 50 year old son.. I don’t care about age but they both have hearing aids and I’m a quiet person and they were being rude about how quiet I was and telling me I need to “speak up because they aren’t saying pardon anymore.” Also, as soon as we got there, like the VERY first thing she did was misgender Shawn. She thought he was a girl and she kept going on about it she was like “I thought a boy and girl were coming?” And when Shawn was like I’m a boy she said “oh you look like a girl” like what the fuckkk that was so rude. And she was like “oh it wasn’t even me who was emailing you by the way it was my son, I wasn’t going to have any more wwoofers but he still said you guys could come so we could talk.” 

We got there at like 6 and she made soup for dinner, so we all ate and then her and her son didn’t finish their bowl so they both dumped the rest of it in the soup pot (ew????). ALSO, we are both sleeping in the same room but there’s two separate beds, we can both fit in 1 bed but it’s like smaller than a single bed and it’s so uncomfortable especially because it’s so hot, so at like 3am Shawn got annoyed and moved to the other bed LOL he hates it here so much more than I do. And they said there was wifi but the wifi sucks ANNNDDD also her room is like 1 meter away from us. :( Same with her sons room. Like we literally have no privacy up here. Also she has a pool but it’s dirtyish and we don’t want to go in it.

Another thing is she just doesn’t understand us being vegan, and it’s really hard to explain it to her because she’s so old. We went shopping with her today because there was like nothing we wanted to eat and she was like “well since I don’t know how to cook for you guys you guys are doing all the cooking for everyone.” and when we were shopping she’s like “don’t just get what you guys want, you have to cook for all for of us so think about others too” and whenever we asked her what she wanted she didn’t tell us?? So neither of us ate breakfast (I just told her I didn’t want any) and Shawn had leftover soup and I had shredded wheat and almond milk for lunch. 

And today we were weeding for like 3 hours and Shawn got so burnt and I was trying to pull out a metal pole from the ground and I pulled too hard and it fell on me but oh well. We also transplated like 50 basil plants :) She just grows a whole bunch of lettuce and herbs and vegetables and sells them to local restaurants and health food stores, it’s really awesome and I would love to do something like this in the future. But in her house there’s a bottle of round up even though that’s like illegal and this is supposed to be an organic farm?? So that really confused me.

Anyways so overall we don’t hate it here but it’s just really not what we expected. My last wwoofing experience was so amazing so I was expecting this to be like that too, but it’s not. I guess it really does all depend on your host.

We don’t want to stay here so we are trying to think of a plan to leave but we don’t know where to go?? There’s just over 3 weeks that we have until Shawn has to go back to Alberta. He can’t come to my house because my dad would murder him, and I can’t go back with him to Alberta because that’s like $1000. We were thinking of maybe renting a room in Toronto or something but that’s still like $400 ahhh but we would still pay that if we had no choice :(

WOW this is long and complainy post I’m sorry guys but that’s an update on our experience here for anyone who was wondering 



I just realized. My whole family lives in gaza. It’s just my mom and us here. In a blink of an eye, in one day, in one bomb, they could all be wiped out. My whole family could be killed at any moment.

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