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Emily, 19, Palestinian, Canadian, Environmentalist, Minimalist, Earthling, Pacifist, Frugivore, Atheist, Introvert, Biocentric Vegan

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures."

Hey i try eating healthier and it eorks but i have problems with veggies! Like i eat some but they say that it's better to eat more veggies than fruits! But i eat more fruits than veggies.. Sometimes i eat cucumbers, carrots and pepers and sometimes also sweet potatoes but i dont know how to eat more and which other veggies i could eat!?
by Anonymous

I believe it’s better to eat more fruits than veggies :) my favourite way to eat veggies is in a soup, just throw whatever veggies you have into a pot with some water (I love adding a can of tomato paste too) and it’s soo delicious. And I always eat rice with it! My next favourite way to eat vegetables is just to steam them and eat them with pasta or rice or potatoes :) veggies you could steam or put in your soup are: carrots, cabbage, squash, kale, potatoes, celery, bok choy, Swiss chard, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and more!

I'm not an English native speaker,so i can hardly understand Durianrider. Has he something important to say?
by Anonymous

Not really no, basically all he says is “carb the fuck up” so if you can’t understand him that’s perfectly fine and you are probably better off not watching his videos anyways 

I've never had skin problems. Ever since I went vegan, I've had non stop itchy skin/exzcema. The doctors only want to give me creams. Could I be missing something from my diet?
by Anonymous

Probably! Try to eat more whole foods and more raw foods, I have heard that will really help :) Honestly I’ve never had itchy skin or anything so I can’t really help you from experience, maybe some of my followers will be able to help more

I'm slowly transitioning into becoming a vegan. I've stopped using dairy products, stopped eating red meat, stopped eating anything with artificial dyes and flavors. My problem is eating chicken ( sorry:( ) I stopped eating all meat for about a month but then I had huge cravings and was never satisfied. I have a pretty weak body and I'm anemic so not getting enough nutrients drained me to the point of me falling asleep during classes. Do you have any tips on how to get nutrients and quit?
by Anonymous

I really suggest you go on youtube and watch some footage of chicken farms to help you stay away from that. If you had cravings you might not have been eating enough calories! Eating meat only makes anemia worse, you can easily get your nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eat things like spinach, kale, potatoes, bananas, figs, berries, quinoa, and more and you will get all of the nutrients that you need


"I know, in my soul, that to eat a creature who is raised to be eaten, and who never has a chance to be a real being, is unhealthy. It’s like… you’re eating misery. You’re eating a bitter life."

- Alice Walker
Hey I'm doing my English iGCSE on veganism and how the meat industry affects the environment, do you have any resources you'd suggest? (Books films studies ect. )
by Anonymous

I haven’t watched this yet myself, but I have heard that cowspiracy is a really amazing documentary! and I recently read Eating Animals, by Jonathan Foer and that gave tons of facts and statistics about the meat industry and the affect it has on the environment. Good luck <3

do you smoke weed or have you?
by Anonymous

Nope I don’t feel the need to 

Tips to stop binge eating? :(
by Anonymous

Watch my youtube video where I gave some tips and explained what I do, I hope it will help <3

heya I'm finding it really hard being vegan around my family. Firstly it just makes me really sad that they eat animal products. The other day my sister said 'for the meat eaters' in a deep voice thinking it was funny - but it just made me want to cry. there's so much wrong with that 'joke' it just sounds violent to me. but my family are otherwise lovely people so it hurts even more to hear such things. Secondly if I state an opinion it's not even heard. My family respond...
by Anonymous

'oh but you would say that you're veeeegan' as if that closes the argument! Or when I said I didn't want honey my dad told my sister 'don't ask her why' meaning 'don't open up that discussion because I think it's stupid + I don't want to hear it'. They don't even engage with the point just shut it down. It's like they are rolling their eyes at me verbally. This is really difficult to deal with :( any advice?

Awe :( My family is annoying like that too, the best thing you can do is just ignore to the best of your ability and don’t act like it bothers you, because if they know it does they will keep bothering you. And talk to people who understand and accept you more, so many people here on tumblr deal with the same thing so sending people messages like you just did to me is a great way to start. I hope your family stops acting like that in the near future <3

Hey, Emily! I was wondering, when you eat oats for a meal. Do you just have them as one of your later meals so you don't have fruit after (for digestion)? Or do you not really follow the whole raw til 4 thing and mix up your cooked foods and raw? Sending love x
by Anonymous

If I’m at someone else’s house I just have oatmeal for breakfast and I’m fine :) But when I’m alone or at home I usually have them later on in the day after my fruit. I don’t follow raw till 4 anymore but I still don’t have fruit meals after cooked food meals

is eating a pear, a peach, and grapes as a meal okay?
by Anonymous

It doesn’t sound like many calories at all :( maybe if you had multiple pears and peaches it would be enough for a meal, but that’s probably only 200-300 calories max depending on how many grapes you have