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college should be $25

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Psychologists say: The person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up feeling the loneliest.

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Anonymous: I just transitioned from being a traditional meat-eater to being a pescatarian minus eggs and dairy... I am trying to wean myself off of fish. Any advice? It's the last animal/animal product I need to get rid of in my diet. 

Watch earthlings

Anonymous: Ok so i don't eat any animal products except i eat eggs from this amish farm down the road, and they don't do any of the horrible things the egg industry does and the chickens are all happy and free and i've seen it with my own eyes, so i was just wondering your opinion on this 

Idk like it’s good that you’re not eating other animal products but honestly I think you should just go fully vegan, eggs aren’t healthy AT ALL and they’re just so bad for you. There’s really no reason whatsoever to be spending your money on something that is just damaging your health

Anonymous: Someone asked me why I don't eat eggs and I said because they're chicken periods and they said I was weird 

People are dumb

Anonymous: are you palestinian by any chance? :) if so, it's nice to have another arab vegan in the community :) 

Yes I am!! :) Salam alakum habibti

Anonymous: How to explain to people why you don't eat milk and eggs simply 

They come from an animal and humans have no right to take it from them and it’s unnatural and cruel

Anonymous: Do fish feel pain? 


scatteredlikelostwords: Hey to that anon that's about to move out. I just got a place on my own, too. I had the chance to get a rookie but passed it down because I thought it would make my transition from vegetarian to vegan easier. It gets pretty lonely by yourself, and now that I'm in this position I see that I would have had no problem with a roomie when it comes to my food situation. 

I hope the anon sees this :)

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I was surprised in my bathroom with this, but I’m tired and snapchat had to endure this.

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Anonymous: Sometimes I eat things at are processed in a facility that uses milk and eggs. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't like to eat them but a lot of the cheaper products I notice says that and my mom likes cheaper.. Idk what to do. Is it non vegan of me? Some people say it's completely vegan but I feel uncomfortable and I can't stand it. 

It’s not non vegan of you

Anonymous: Hey im turning 18 soon, and the biggest thing ive been looking forward to about moving out is being able to have my own vegan whole foods in my own kitchen, and to decide what I eat for myself. Im overweight as well and its important to me that I become healthy for my well being. However, my best friend since 8th grade is offering to let me room with her and her boyfriend. They are standard meat eaters, and I don't now if I could convert them. But they could cut my living cost. Any advice? 

Personally I’d probably live with your best friend, you can still be vegan and maybe they’ll be inspired by you and go vegan in the future :)

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