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Anonymous: I found out I have a gluten sensitivity about a year ago and I haven't touched gluten since and lately I've been craving it bad. My birthday is next month and I'm thinking about eating at a resteraunt and getting a huge veggie burger with no regret on the gluten or fat intake and even have vegan gluten desserts :) 

Yaaay! I hope you will enjoy it :)

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Anonymous: Hi! :) I'm a little confused by one thing... how do a lot of vegans (esp raw vegans) not gain weight with the amount of calories they consume? It's just been so widely accepted that calorie surplus = weight gain, calorie deficiency = weight loss, etc. And that's supposed to be the only real factor that influences weight changes. So how does someone who eats over 2,000 calories a day not gain weight? Sorry if I'm being ignorant in any way! 

Because the calories we eat are mostly coming from carbs and not fat, and excess carb calories get burned off as body heat through dietary thermogenesis :) I ate 4000 calories today but I’m not fat because it was all from carbs and carbs won’t make you fat eveeerrr

Anonymous: i told my science teacher i was vegetarian & he went on about seeing a dietitians & how i may be lacking iron & it could possibly screw up my menstrual cycle.. all i could think was "educate yourself, man." 

Wooooww. I think you need to teach your teacher

Anonymous: my sister’s boyfriend asked me to make him some toasted pita bread stuffed with my daiya cheese. i was so happy that he was eating a vegan meal and actually asked for it. but after i finished making it for him he put steak in it. that made me so mad 

Awee :( that makes me mad too and sad

Anonymous: Is sprouted grain bread like Ezekial bread a whole food? Or is it considered the same as regular bread? 

It’s healthier than regular bread :)

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Anonymous: What's wrong with faux leather? 

I never said anything was wrong with it, I just said I personally wouldn’t wear it because it would make me feel uncomfortable and I’d feel like I was in a way promoting real leather because not many people would know it’s fake leather
But that’s just me, you can wear faux leather if you want


No, I am not shoving anything down your throat writing this. I’m sincerely wondering why people advocate the meat industry. I get it, bacon tastes good, but when you go ranting against a vegan, do you actually freaking realize… what you are advocating and defending

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Anonymous: Hello hello lovely fellow vegan. I know you don't like weight loss w veganism Qs but I don't know who else to ask as every nutritionist ect is so against this. I'm doing raw till 4, weigh 197 lbs (gained 12lbs in 2 mo due to raw till 4) eating about 3200 avg cal/day. I need to lose about 70 lbs and keeping fat really low, like usually 5%, some days higher. I'm just looking for reassurance that the weight will come off bc I feel shitty about the weight gain right now :( is this fool proof? 

The weight will come off, you just need to be patient about it! I also gained weight and feel shitty about it :( like I’ve never been this uncomfortable in my skin my entire life and I’m at my heaviest weight but I am just sucking it up and dealing with it. Also I know id see results faster if I just exercised.. Maybe try exercising? Are you drinking enough water and getting enough sleep? Those are also two really important factors. Also try making 1 day a week fully raw :) just be patient and don’t weigh yourself that much

Anonymous: are hashbrowns vegan? 

I don’t know I’d have to read the ingredients, I’ve never had them before