So I took those 50% off stickers from a different moldy fruit and put them on these organic bananas am I a bad person

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    that’s what we in the business call ‘the olde switcheroo’ —but be forewarned, Whole Foods absolutely name searches,...
  2. thatveganemma said: HAH nope!! I would do the same thing! I also go to the “self checkout” aisle and just scan them in as normal bananas…not organic hehe.
  3. autumn-awakened said: Haha, I do that all the time too!
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    Not even slightly, I do this all the time. I fuck around with PLU codes at the bulk section in Whole Foods, too. As long...
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  10. nasolorzano said: Hahaha I Love you!
  11. adamnfinepieceofglass said: You rebel. ;)
  12. magnifyingglasses said: smart.. and you’re not bad, the bananas you took the sticker off were though (:
  13. kidbeatdown said: Lol it is theft
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